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home schooled: stacked perfection

We all have shelves and surfaces in our home that are covered in knick knacks from our travels, framed pictures and other keepsakes (hopefully not just a bunch of random chotchkies that we picked up while roaming through the endless aisles of IKEA).  Vases can add some dimension and height to a shelf or surface, but make sure it has a story.  An empty, flowerless vase is more of a distraction than a decorating piece.  Instead, invest in one of these stacked vessels.  It will demand the attention in the room and it is definitely well deserved.  Designer, Pia Wustenberg, has crafted her skills after years of refined training at prestigious institutions like the Surrey Institute of Art and Design and the Royal College of Arts.  Now through her own company, Utopia and Utility, Pia promotes her crafted designs.  Each art piece is a true product of excellent craftmanship.  Each stacked vessel consists of three individual containers made of wood, studio glass and ceramic.

MENTORS NOTE: Sit one of these stacked vessels on a concrete or slate surface to play off of the ceramic and wood textures.  Let this tri-level piece stand on its own.  A white wall behind it works wonders to allow the color from the glass to pop.  Stay away from patterned walls behind the glass.  You can also place the vessel by a window or alternate light source to allow light to shine through the tinted mid-section of this piece.

The stacked vessels are available at Nest in Dallas.  Visit the Pia Design website to catch a video of how these vessels are made.  It’ll truly help you appreciate the process each piece goes through before its ready to be placed in your home.

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    • Hey, thanks for your comment. I emailed the designer and got an answer for you. You can use the pieces separately. The glass piece as a vase, the ceramic piece as a small bowl, etc. I have some additional images that will show that. I’ll post them soon.

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