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dress code: There is only one TIMEZONE

TIMEZONE was founded in Munich in 1993 by Wolfgang Endler.  His proposition: Authentic apparel that allows you to keep your individuality and freedom while living up to the highest demands on quality.  They want to dress you without dressing you up.  Sounds like my kind of company!

For Autumn/Winter 2012, TIMEZONE pulls inspiration from the city of London, its culture and its worldly influences.  The collection combines easy-to-wear garments with military and preppy styles.  Elaborate fabric and material combinations are a common theme throughout the pieces.

MENTORS NOTE:  You should love the fact that their clothes are so versatile.  They have the perfect combination of urban and prep.  The different pieces of the collection can be layered with ease.  Grab a few of the staples and introduce them into your current wardrobe.  Their jackets have a rough, military look that will compliment a colored, cashmere v-neck sweater or a fitted button up with dark jeans.  Let the jacket be the statement piece and keep the rest of you looking clean and preppy.  It’ll be a nice juxtaposition.  Add a pair of their Kongo or Rivas boots, and you’re set!

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