dress code

dress code: show your money makr!

Wallets aren’t just made to carry your cash, your cards and a bundle of receipts. By the way, loose the wad of receipts! I digress… a wallet says a lot about a guy.  One can notice the way its organized, the way its worn and how well its made.  The logo embellished wallets have a place and a time, but everyone needs a classic piece.  A clean, simple, well-made wallet that will last and one that you know was created with the highest level of precision.  One that won’t scream “I love name brands!”  But it will quietly let people know that you have incredible taste and an eye for whats good.

Meet your makr.  No! Not that one! We’re referring to Makr Carry Goods, a Florida based leather goods design company that offers wallets, eyeglasses sleeves, backpacks, bags and even work stools.  Each of Makr’s pieces start off as a paper sketch.  Then a CAD design.  Then samples are made.  At that point, a design is either accepted or rejected. If accepted, a pattern will be created and the product will be locally made, often stitched by hand. Once a product is completed, it will be inspected by the Makr team, and upon approval, be shipped directly from the studio.

MENTORS NOTE:  It is nice to know where your product came from.  Check out the One Wallet and the Passport Wallet (shown above). Carry your drivers license, one bank/credit card and a $20.  Everything else, can be left at home.

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