dress code

dress code: get caught in the nudie

Since 2001, Nudie Jeans has been focusing on perfecting their passion, jeans.  11 years later, the company out of Gothenburg, Sweden has 10 concepts stores in Europe, Japan and Australia and operates out of 33 countries.  BUT… don’t you fret! A Los Angeles based denim sanctuary/retail space/wholesale office is up and running and open to the public! The 600 square foot space off of Melrose Ave. showcases the companies latest designs in a cool, hip and interactive environment.  If you are in the L.A. area, pop in and check out their denim options as well as other collections.  (p.s. the space is only open to the public from Thursday – Saturday).

By the way, their fall/winter 2012 collection is made entirely with organic cotton.  That environmentally friendly thinking extends into the pocket lining, buttons and rivets of each piece.  Their whole collection is made up of everyday pieces so you should be fine with grabbing a few key items and pairing with existing items that are currently in your closet.

MENTORS NOTE: For a low key, casual look, stick to the basics like the gray hooded zip up or the navy stitched sweatshirt and pair it with a white vneck and a pair of dark jeans.  If you are feeling a bit more daring, check out the orange tinted jeans (all shown above).

All items are available now in stores and on www.shop.nudiejeans.com 

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