dress code

dress code: eco-bracelets

photography by Logan James

Most guys dont wear much jewelry.  No rings, no watches, let alone bracelets. But if you’re considering it, these bracelets are a good start!  They are minimal in design and are neutral in color which makes them great for every day wear. Plus, you’re actually being eco-friendly by wearing them.  They are all made from recycled materials.  The bracelet on the left is made out of restored bass strings. You can even send strings from your personal instruments and have the strings made into bracelts, necklaces or earrings.  (www.eyeonthesparrowdesigns.com) The middle and right bracelets are made out of recycled bicycle chains and bike spokes, respectively. (www.re-geared.com) Visit both of their sites for more information on all of their products.

MENTORS NOTE:  Mix and match these bracelets with some others that you may have.  You can even wear a watch on the same hand.  Just make sure you keep it to 3-4 thin bracelets.  You are not Johnny Depp and 99% of us cannot pull off a watch with 12 bracelets around each wrist.  The look has to be effortless to look natural.

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