shop class: get the point

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The Dallas-based online shop, Point Taken, just launched its site today with an assortment of leather goods, grooming products, apparel and paper goods. “So what’s the point?,” (see what we did there?) you may be saying. The site is easy to navigate. You can either search by collection or shop the full spectrum of products. Most of the brands that are carried are smaller, emerging brands, like the Skulls caps featured above. And the whole shop is set up like a virtual market. Just like in some of the best street markets around, you can leisurely browse and check out the products. If you like something, you may want to buy it. Quantities are limited and some items are only carried for a limited time.  Once a particular product is gone, it will either be replenished or replaced by another product/brand. Each purchase is then selected, packaged, labeled and shipped by hand. The products you buy actually being touched by human hands in a caring manner. What a concept!

MENTORS NOTE: Check out their site and support the small, emerging brands! It beats the heck out of dealing with the masses at the mall. PLUS… if you order now through October 31, use promo code PTLAUNCH and get 20% your order!

dress code: de la Commune

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De la Commune is ready to kickstart this thing! No, seriously. They are! They’re Kickstarter campaign wraps up at the end of October and they are ready to give us guys a killer menswear collection that is both comfortably well-made and aesthetically well-designed. Reese De Luca and Daniel Arango are behind this fashion movement and they come well equipped to make a statement having designed for brands such as Juicy Couture, William Rast, Buffalo and Point Zero.

How can you help?! Check out their Kickstarter campaign and donate now

All proceeds go to funding production of their capsule collection consisting of t-shirts, underwear and sweat pants and then ultimately helping them launch a full collection. Even better, when you donate anything more than a $1 (come on, don’t be a cheapie!), you’ll get some free swag. And who doesn’t like that?!

MENTORS NOTE: Donate now!

dress code: rec yourself


If you are always on the run, look good doing it. Late night, early morning or anything in between, at least your kicks are on point.

MENTORS NOTE: Simply put… get a pair of Creative Recreation shoes! They are my favorite brand because they offer an array of styles that fit most occasions. The black high top zip ups shown above are clean when worn with a pair of fitted jeans and a tee and look just as good when you are… well,  trying to get somewhere in a hurry.  Check out their site for the latest collection!

dress code: NYFW SS 15 – Parke & Ronen

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New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer ’15 – Parke & Ronen

MENTORS NOTE: For SS 15, Parke & Ronen, once again give us exactly what we expect from them – well fitted swimming trunks at a very appropriate length and the models who can wear them. Their collection displays a combination of bold colors and prints along with a few solids, giving the consumer a bit of variety. Founded in 1997 by designers Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel, the brand continues to deliver punch after toned ab punch with their well-crafted menswear and swimwear line. It is summer somewhere! Check out their site and grab a few of their pieces.

dress code: NYFW SS15 – Todd Snyder

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New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer ’15 – Todd Snyder

MENTORS NOTE: Todd Snyder is one of my favorite brands. The SS 15 collection boasts well-made solids, in a clean palette, making it easy to wear. The garments are approachable and accessible. His impeccable craftsmanship and attention to design detail shows in every collection. Check out his spring collection when it launches early next year. In the meantime, check out his site, grab a few pieces and get to wearin’! I need that green jacket!

dress code: NYFW SS 15 – W.R.K.

tms.nyfwss15.wrk.4 tms.nyfwss15.wrk.3 tms.nyfwss15.wrk.2 tms.nyfwss15.wrk.1

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer ’15 – W.R.K.

MENTORS NOTE: This is the time that we all need to revive our wardrobe. Out with the old and in with the new. And by “new” I mean W.R.K. This brand (that doesn’t like to be considered a fashion brand) gives us sophisticated basics that can be worn every day and everywhere by everyone. The clothes are made with expert, durable craftsmanship. It is what you wear and how you look and feel in it and not the brand that is stitched at the collar. Work. Rest. Karma.

dress code: tommy Hilfiger – Field Scout – Anthony


TMS SUMMER PICKS: Tommy Hilfiger . Field Scout . Anthony

MENTORS NOTE: A few more must-haves for the hot summer months. Toys. Let me clarify… beach toys. Why? Because laying out for hours can be boring and lame. So why not enjoy a game of volleyball, beach soccer or beach paddle ball. Tommy Hilfiger has some pretty cool paddles in their staple American colors along with a red (easy to see in the sand) ball. Not all summer days are unbearable. For those few that are cool, get a pair of fitted cargo pants. Field Scout has a killer pair that fit well, are well-made and are casual enough to… well, play beach paddle ball while shirtless, yet can be easily dressed up with a fitted button down shirt. You can’t do the sun without a bit of protection. You’ll thank us when you are 35 and they still card you at the bar! The Anthony Wake Up Call Hydrating Treatment Gel works wonders when your late night fun did not. Put on some Face Moisturizer with SPF 30, some Mint & White Tea Lip Balm with SPF 25 and their High Performance Continuous Moisture Eye Cream. Let it set for an hour before hitting the sun and you’re all set!




MENTORS NOTE: Men need to groom. And most men do not groom. By default, that means that more men need to shop at The Motley. It is an online men’s grooming shop that offers a vast array of products and brands for all types of men. It started as a project in a Los Angeles loft and the rest is history. From face moisturizers and hair products to shaving products and manly aromas, The Motley has it all. Better yet, the site is man-friendly. It is easy to navigate, easy to shop, it has a simple return policy and the customer service is spot on! They’ll actually reply to you if you have a question or comment. What a concept!

Our model above used the Detoxifying Daily Cleanser and Balancing Moisturizer from Port Products. The cleanser gentley purifies the pores while the moisturizer rehydrates and helps matte the skin. Both of them just help you look refreshed and alert with a healthy face. Grab them both in the full-size bottles and the nifty travel kit. A must have!




MENTORS NOTE: It’s hot outside (in most places)! Therefore, you need some tanks to cool off. Tanks are convenient, versatile and come in all shapes, colors and prints. Pacsun has an array of affordable and on trend tanks for these hot weather months. Grab a few in an array of styles and brands and wear accordingly. Pair them with your best fitting shorts or a pair of skinny chinos.

If you are going to wear a tank, be sure to moisturize and protect your skin. I know, the process seems arduous, but how hard is it, really? We recommend Kale Naturals. The Dallas-based grooming brand is sort of the new kid on the block and they are taking names and kicking butt! Their man-friendly grooming products are easy to use and provide results. We recommend the Bamboo Face Scrub and the Body Repair Cream (both used by our model above). The scrub exfoliates the skin and reduces fine lines. The vitamin E provides anti-aging benefits while the Jojoba and Aloe softens the skin. The Body Repair Cream is perfect for anyone who is an athlete, has workout fatique or just needs to waken up their skin. It contains Peppermint Oil to soothe and calm inflammation as well as botanicals of Aloe, Soy, Shea Butter, and Irish Moss to help help heal, soothe and replenish thirsty, dry skin.