home schooled: Native Union

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Native Union was founded in 2009 to provide solutions to the challenges of today’s digital age. It had one simple principle in mind: to make life simpler in a rapidly changing world. Native Union consists of a pool of creative designers and engineers from all over the world that have a common goal to provide the consumer with a perfectly engineered, and quite aesthetically pleasing, product. They feel like part of their job is to figure out what we need before we realize that we need it. We love that!

MENTORS NOTE: Functionality is key. We get that. BUT… aesthetics makes us all sleep better at night and HOLY @#$%!!! This stuff is sick! The use of juxtaposing materials (did we just use the word “juxtaposing”?!) is genius and the lines and sharpness of their products are world class. You can get basic versions of the above at your local electronic stores, but why would you want that. Give your iPhone a refresh with one of their cases (shown above). And jazz up your desk at work with the speaker (shown above). It is also perfect for a small conference room, bathroom, bedroom or on the go. Simply put, their products work, they look good and they help you look good in the process.

dress code: Mother ducker!

Fatherduck_SS14_Ecommerce-13 Fatherduck_SS14_Ecommerce-17 Fatherduck_SS14_Ecommerce-35 Fatherduck_SS14_Ecommerce-46

FATHERDUCK is a London-based luxury streetwear brand that brings this forward, edgy style using an array of colors, graphics and prints. It is a culture defying brand that has a following of fashion forward, style-setters. The style is bold, loud and has a sense of freedom that everyone should proudly wear!

MENTORS NOTE: No matter what your style is, every guy should have a few “look at me” shirts. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean ugly or old. No one wants to look at that! We mean bright, different and artistic. Wear a FATHERDUCK shirt with your favorite shorts for a casual patio dinner or add some skinny chinos and a fitted blazer for a night out. Keep the rest of the look simple and let the shirt have the spotlight. If you are a bit more mellow, check out their FD sweatshirt (shown above). Its casual, sleek and has way more swag than your old Hanes sweatshirt!

dress code: Garcon Model

Garcon-Model-SS14-Brickell-Trunks Garcon-Model-SS14-Watson-Briefs

The Canadian-based underwear brand is back with their second collection for Spring/Summer 2014. Garcon Model was founded by Patrick Lafontaine and Mehdi Mebarki, the stylish, forward underwear brand pushes the creative boundaries with the use of bold colors and their signature print waistband. The idea that started with a Kickstarter project has now turned into a global brand, selling more than 200,000 units since its launch in late 2012 and racking up tens of thousands of social media followers.

MENTORS NOTE: Ok, first of all, we need to do some extra sit-ups tonight! Really?! We digress… these underwear are not your basic Calvins! They are cool looking, they are great fitting and they allow you to have a bit of fun with it. It is like business on the outside of your pants, party on the inside of your pants! Get some of their briefs and boxer briefs (both shown above). Pair them with your favorite pair of jeans and a worn in tee for the perfect casual look. The underwear fit well so they’ll stay in place and not ride up… or down.

dress code: tms s’14 top picks


tms s14 top picks – Agave Denim . Q&Q Watches

Why we love it: This Agave Denim black zipper collared shirt is great! The zipper in lieu of the buttons is a nice twist and the band around the bottom of the shirt gives it a more fitted look and feel. We are fans of the brand and even bigger fans of this shirt! Every guys should have a few casual watches. Maybe one or two with a metal wrist band and one or two with a more casual, plastic wrist band. The Q&Q watch is such a cool watch by a really cool brand. The colors pop which adds some flair to the look, the watch is powered by the light (no battery needed) AND when you purchase a watch, partial proceeds are donated to http://www.tablefor2.org, a non-profit organization that provides meals for children in Africa and Asia.

Why you should love it: I mean really? Did you miss the part about helping feed hungry children in Africa and Asia? What more do you need?! Buy a watch for you, one for your friend and another for you. They are quite affordable, low maintenance and cool looking. The trifecta! While you are at it, purchase the black Agave Denim collared shirt. Black is sliming, its a casual shirt with some character and it’s made in the USA.

dress code: tms s’14 top picks


tms s14 top picks – Tailor Vintage

Why we love it: Every guy needs some classics in their closet. A short sleeve henley, v-neck shirts and plain polo collared shirt. We all definitely have our choices when it comes to this and Tailored Vintage is in our top three. The co-ed brand offers a variety of men’s pieces all with a great fit and a classic vintage look. Their use of over dyed, washed and distressed fabrics such as seersucker and patchwork madras make for really cool shirts and shorts, all with a nice “worn” look and feel. All of a sudden your plain tee isn’t so plain after all.

Why you should love it: Guys want to be comfortable. They want to wear comfortable clothes that fit well and they do not want to feel constricted. Enter… Tailor Vintage. Their clothes offer everything us guys look for, giving us that preppy look without the loafer and sweater around the neck type of feel. You know what look we are talking about! Check out their site and stack up on EVERYTHING!

dress code: tms s’14 top picks


tms s14 top picks – Ashley Marc Hovelle . Creative Recreation

Why we love it: Two of our favorite brands in one look! Both have this edge about them. Both are cool, young with a bit of funk. Both give your look a bit of sophisticated swag without pushing too hard. Put them together with your favorite pair of jeans and you are good as good can get. WE DIED WHEN WE SAW THOSE SHOES!

Why you should love it: Why shouldn’t you?