MENTORS NOTE: It is summer and every guy needs a printed button down. Floral print may not be your thing (although it needs to be), but there are plenty of other prints that will work for the warm weather months. Choose one that has a bright color to it (Hawaiian-themed shirts DO NOT count) and pair it with your best fitting pair of chinos, jeans or shorts. The Dallas-based Vincent Love has a sweet collection of extremely limited short sleeve print button down shirts. Each set of shirts is made from carefully selected fabric. They buy the whole bolt of that particular fabric so once those shirts sell out, they are gone! Exclusivity at its best! Be sure to check them out!

grooming guide: headblade


HeadBlade is like a Hot Wheels that you can shave with! I know… I’ll let that sink in and then I will explain. HeadBlade is both the name of the razor and the company itself. It has been around for over a decade and it is revolutionizing the way a man shaves. Enough with those tragic looking (and semi-functioning) disposable, plastic razors. Enter HeadBlade! This nifty blade on wheels allows you to use your fingers to maneuver the shave across your face, head or any other part of your body that needs shaving. The palm of your hand skims the surface of your skin while your fingers do the guiding. Sounds fancy, huh? It is! Be sure to check out their website to watch videos as reference.

MENTORS NOTE: Most guys shave their face or some other part of their body. There are a plethora of razor options available to men, some much more sophisticated and effective than others. However, you should give HeadBlade a try. Get yourself some of their HeadSlick Shaving Cream and the HeadBlade ATX (shown above) and go at it! Try it in a safe place first to get used to the feel of the blade. Perhaps your chest or, dare I say, shoulders. Once you get the hang of it, try it on your face. Or if you have a buzz cut, try it on your head. You’ll find that the shave is a lot smoother causing less nicks. Grab yourself an extra set of blades and you are all set!

home schooled: Postalco

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In 2000, Mike Abelson, who was a bag designer in New York, noticed that his wife (a graphic designer) was having difficulty carting around A4 size papers. He designed an envelope-shaped pouch to remedity this issue. That was the beginning of Postalco and the rest is history. More than a decade later, Postalco offers the consumer an array of well designed, simple, yet ultra chic pieces ranging from rainwear, small table goods, leather carriers, bags and (our favorite) notebooks.

MENTORS NOTE: It is more than just a notebook. Way more. A handwritten note or thought is a lost art and what you write it on is just as important as the words themselves. Get yourself a few Postalco notebooks (and a few old fashioned #2 pencils) and get to writing. These notebooks are not just pretty to look at, but they are well designed too. The A5 notebook has starch-pressed cotton bonded to its cover. Its color will fade with natural use and the fibers of the fabric will become more apparent. The paper is even slightly textured to keep your pen (or pencil) from slipping, allowing your writing utensil maximum traction to the papers surface. Never thought writing was such an art, huh? Now you know.

dress code: KILLSPENCER

Soccer_Ball Black_Ash_Baseball_Bat1 Football1

KILLSPENCER is an LA-based company founded by industrial designer Spencer Nikosey. The concept was simple: to bring a high level of performance, functionality and quality to everything that he designed. I believe KILLSPENCER has achieved that. All of their products are made in the U.S.A. in their Silverlake, California workshop. Check out their site for some of the coolest looking, yet functional, products we have seen in a while. If you are in the LA area, make sure to stop by their brick and mortar store and workshop.

MENTORS NOTE: When you check out their website, you’ll see an array of quality-made leather goods that vary from backpacks, to duffels, to wallets to sporting goods. Enter the coolest, slickest soccer ball around! If you are going to play sports, you may as well use killer equipment to do so. Don’t worry what the other guys are going to be saying. You’re the one walking around the field with the coolest balls ever! Phrasing… You get what we are saying. If you are a true fan of either sport shown above, get yourself one of these products. It’ll be a cool conversation starter.

Note: with a ball or bat this cool, I surely hope you kick ass at that particular sport! No pressure.

dress code: Outland


Outland Mfg. Co was founded by two college business students who set out to make a difference. Fueled by a passion of product design, the innovative team set out to produce a product that everyone needs: a durable and dependable backpack. The fact that it also is aesthetically pleasing is an added plus! Why Outland? Because they produce a quality product made of a water resistant canvas, complete with hand-stitched leather detail. More importantly, because of their cause. For every Outland backpack that is sold, the cost of producing another backpack is donated towards the education of a child in Haiti. The funds received from selling one backpack are enough to provide for the supplies, food, and protection needed to send a child to school for a week.

MENTORS NOTE: We all use a backpack for one thing or another. Whether you are a traveler, a student or just need to carry things around, a backpack comes in extremely handy and makes it easier to commute with things. So visit the Outland site, learn more about their cause and buy a backpack. Simply put, its as good of a reason as you’ll ever have.

dress code: grand society

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Grand Society was founded by San Clemente native, Chris Haveruk, with the vision of creating uniquely hand-crafted, custom-made jewelry. The Cali-based designer draws inspirations from his daily experiences and from his extensive personal travel. Haveruk uses the finest metals and truly focuses on quality over quantity. All of the pieces are hand-made in Southern California and are put through a vigorous inspection process before they are shipped out to the consumer.

MENTORS NOTE: We like jewelry… in moderation. A nice statement ring, bracelets with a bit of meaning or a basic necklace is just the right amount of jewelry for the average guy. We have said it before and we’ll say it again. You are NOT Johnny Depp! So there is no reason to wear 134 bracelets and multiple rings. It looks like you are trying way too hard. Keep it clean and simple. One ring (total) and if you are married then you already have a ring so you don’t need a second one. If you aren’t married, then check out Grand Society’s website and invest in one of the rings shown above. Our favorite: the 14k gold skull ring.


shop class: Malin+Goetz

photo 1-41 photo 2-43

Malin+Goetz opened up their Upper East Side store in NYC and we LOVE it! We got a sneak peak at the location when it was in the construction phase. It is now in business and offers the UES some of the best grooming products in the industry. We first posted about the New York-based, family-owned brand about a year ago (click here) and we have been fans ever since. This location carries everything from shampoo and conditioner, face moisturizer and mosquito repellent (a MUST HAVE) to travel kits, toothbrushes (I have one and its amazing) and a variety of candles. It is definitely a one stop shop when you are in the city. They also have a location in Chelsea in case you are in the area.

MENTORS NOTE: Visit one of their brick and mortar locations (specifically this one) or their website and stock up. Summer is here and these are our top picks from Malin+Goetz: 1) SPF 30 Face Moisturizer – Quit trying to be too cool for school and moisturizer! It is all fun and games until you have sun wrinkles at the age of 25 2) Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer – Because men get crow’s feet too 3) Lip Moisturizer – chapped lips are not cool